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Conservation an important factor in Alaska's floral world

"Blooming n the snow the bud awaits the arrival of spring and summer
compacted into a periaod of two weeks
they burst out like children set free for recess
the colors a palette of wonder for the land"

Alaska Conservation Solutions is an organization geared toward protecting the state of Alaska from the effects of global warming.
 They encourage in these efforts the reduction of carbon monoxide and methane emissions, using statistics that parts of Alaska could
see a more than 25 degree rise in average temperatures from the effects of global warming.
This would have a definitely detrimental effect on the native plants and trees in the state.
Alaska is unique in its natural wonders and majestic beauty.
Conservation is crucial to maintain the lush
Alaskan rainforests and the many other
natural beauties in the state.


     Alaskas flowers blooms rabitly during the summer for a brief time usually three weeks, due to their short sunny days,
tourist often say th ebest time to visit and see the beauty of Alaska

Relatively known as the “Great Land”, Alaska is the largest state in America in terms of area having a land area of 570, 380 square miles. Primarily, it is the state that best exemplifies a true sub- arctic or oceanic climate. Despite this, a varied of indigenous floras could be found within the vicinity.  
One of which is the Salmonberry that is known to be a welcome trailside snack for tourist that is often sought by most tourist because of its juicy and sweet fruit. This leaning shrub has weak stems and bright pink flowers. Very abundant in good years, its deep pink flowers are likely distinctive and mostly occur with the fruits.  
Some time ago, a hollow-stemmed shrub with pinkish- white and bell shaped flower was made famous during the old- fashioned dooryard gardens. Not to mention, some varieties of this flower are being cultivated. 
Another incredible flower that is prevalent in the state is the Nootka Rose with the largest pair of thorns found in the leaf stalk. The hips of this gory- like flower is used in making jellies and jams. 
Lucidly flowering in the month of September, the Heartleaf Arnica has three wide yellow heads with at least four pairs of heart-shaped leaves lying on top of the heads. This lone specie has the only heart- shaped leaves.  
A member of the evening prime rose family, this broad lead, bushy plant is commonly known as a river beauty and dwarf fireweed wherein at the end of its leaves is a large four-petaled purple- rose flower. This specie of rose commonly thrives in temperate regions in the world.  
Often admired with its royal like color, purple, the Douglas Aster is a Northwest native flower that grows in saline and fresh areas. Most likely, this flora grows candidly during late summer.  
Otherwise called as black lily, Indian rice, chocolate lily and Eskimo potato, this Northern Rice Root got its anem from the color of its bulb and flower that exemplifies the white rice. The bulb of the flower is being eaten by locals despite its bitter taste.  
Shortly after the discovery of gold in Alaska, almost 100 years ago, a group of men formed an organization that was then called “Pioneers of Alaska” that merged with an existing club in the state that was also called “Grand Igloo.” From this simple beginnings began the journey on the declaration of the official flower and floral emblem of Alaska, Forget- Me- Not. This very historical flower is a 5- petaled blue flower that grows disheveled stems that often flowers in spring. Other variations in colors are white and pink. Nonetheless, the flower is quite likely be seen in gardens along the roads of Alaska

 Known mostly for the sub arctic climate in the interior of the state, Alaska’s seacoast features a milder climate, similar to that of Seattle, Washington. It is here that you will find many of Alaska’s native plants and trees.  says Oahu Wedding florist at

One of the most common trees in the Pacific Northwest is the Western Hemlock. Used by the Indian natives of southeastern Alaska in the making of bread, Hemlock, which grows in dense groves, is also used to make cellophane.

The Black Cottonwood Tree, the tallest hardwood tree native to the western United States, was used by the Alaska Indians to make canoe paddles. Today, it is used in the making of crates and boxes.

There are several beautiful shrubs that are indigenous to the various regions of Alaska. The Salmonberry, also known as the Salmon Raspberry, has been the bearer of fruit that is popular as a snack for hikers and for Native Americans. The Common Snowberry and the Bunchberry shrubs are popular in Alaska gardens, and the Bunchberry is an excellent ground cover. Alaska’s Nootka Rose bush has been used for centuries in the making of jellies and jams popular among the native Alaska Indians and now to the tourist trade that frequents the Alaska ports and cities.

The Douglas Aster is a native plant that grows well into the late summer. The popularity of this plant is in its versatility, as it grows equally well in both fresh and saline water environments. And among the many berry bearing bushes native to Alaska are the Kinnikinnick, the Black Crowberry, the Bitter Buffaloberry, the Red Elderberry, and the American Silverberry. Many of the berry bushes in Alaska have been used in part or in full by the Alaska Indians both as food sources, in medicinal remedies, and for a variety of other things.

Alaska takes conservation seriously. Much of the wildlife, flora and fauna of Alaska has remained for centuries untouched and unspoiled, with little interference from Native Alaskans. With tourism now a huge industry in Alaska, the state considers conservation one of its top priorities. Alaska has a Conservation Corps through the Alaska Department of Natural Resources, and the organization hires people to perform tasks from maintenance crews who oversee the daily maintenance and repairs throughout the various state parks and nature trails to Natural Resource Interpreters, who are responsible for putting programs together to promote and inform people of conservation efforts throughout the state.

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Photos, design, and other originals © 2000-2002 Kenneth C. Tyburski

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