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topography varies greatly.  Indigenous flowers in this area are varied as the wide range in temperature from the lowlands to the mountains accommodates only specific flora.  Flowers like the dogbane, larkspur, western yarrow, and lupine thrive in the elevated areas, around 2,100 meters above the great Arizona deserts.  However, about half of Arizona is composed of these semi-arid deserts.  This may be the reason why desert-themed backyard landscapes are attractive to its residents.
      Among Arizona’s indigenous flowers that are perfect for the desert temperatures is the Broom Snakeweed.  It is a small shrub with clustered tiny yellow flower heads.  It can be used for medicinal purposes such as treatment for snakebites, but it is very dangerous to animals, and in facts can abort their fetus.
      The White-stem Paperflower, otherwise known as the Yellow Paper Daisy, is also a good desert garden flower.  Its blooms have 3 to 5 rays that surround small disk flowers.  The Yellow Trumpetbush, its natural habitat being the arid slopes of Arizona, is also a very good addition.  It has, as its name implies, yellow tubular blooms which come out from May to October.
      Another such plant is the Fernbush which are normally found on dry areas – rocky slopes and mountain canyons – which bear clustered white flowers on attractive yellow stamens from April to November.  The same can be said for the Cliff Fenderbush, or the False Mock Orange found on dry mountain slopes and in deserts.
      The Sugarbush is also suitable for dry areas.  Its flowers have five rounded white petals with pink or reddish buds, clustered at the end of a twig.  These blooms come out in early spring and its fruits are edible.  The Cliffrose also grows on dry areas such as limestone plateaus and in deserts.  Aside from being planted for controlling erosion, it also serves as a pretty ornamental plant with its white to pale yellow flowers.
Arizona flower news
      A more versatile plant is the Apache Plume which has white flowers that are especially attractive when in full bloom.  They can survive the desert as well as pine forests.  The Desert Honeysuckle, found in New Mexico and Arizona, can also grow on dry hills as well as areas with nearby water.  They have tubular red or orange blossoms.  The same goes for the Shrubby Cinquefoil which can grow on low or high leveled areas.  It bears flowers with five yellow petals from June to August.  It has a dwarf variant, its more popular version in horticulture, which grows low but bears large white or yellow-orange flowers.
      On the other and, there are also flowers indigenous to Arizona that are moist-loving.  The Mountain Snowberry is one of these and it bears rose-colored tubular flowers.  Another is the Red Osier Dogwood which grows along streams and under the large canopy of forests.  It bears clustered white flowers.  The Western Wild Rose, or the Woods’ Rose can also be found along stream banks.  This plant bears pink flowers with five petals from May to July.  

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A saguaro cactus will take between 50 and 100 years to grow an arm. The saguaro cactus flower is the official state flower of Arizona.









Trees for Southwest Landscapes
Acacia berlandieri (Guajillo)
Photograph Courtesy of Arid Zone Trees
Foliage: Semi-Deciduous
Mature Height: 9' - 15'  
Mature Width: 9' - 15'  
Growth Rate: Moderate  
Hardiness: 15oF -9.4oC  
Exposure: Full Sun  
Leaf Color: Green  
Shade: Filtered to Dense  
Flower Color: Cream  
Flower Shape: Ball  
Flower Season: Early spring  
Thorns: No


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