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Arkansas is home to around 2, 470 indigenous plants.  With a climate accommodating a long growth period, even exotic flowers from other areas can be grown in this state without too much worry.
      In any case, a lot of the indigenous flowers in Arkansas can be found throughout the state should it be their season to bloom.  One of these is the Bird’s Foot Violet which, from its name, bears violet one-inch flowers that resemble a bird’s foot.  They bloom from April to May.  Another is the Black-eyed Susan – also found in other states – that grow on fields and roadsides.  They have yellow rays and dark brown disk flowers, everything reaching to two and a half inches in diameter.  This plant shows off its flowers from May to October.
      Another May bloomer and also found statewide – although less in the Delta region – is the Butterfly Weed which has orange or red flowers.  Together with this is the Carolina Larkspur which flowers from May to July throughout the state’s woods, roadsides, slopes and other areas.  Along the roadside during these months, the Ohio Spiderwort and the Showy Evening Primrose can also be found.  The former bears bright blue flowers while the latter shows off white or pink flowers with yellow centers.
      Of a longer bloom lifespan, the Queen Anne’s Lace can be found in fields and also along roadsides throughout the state from May until frost sets in.  This plant is actually also known as wild carrot, being an ancestor of the cultivated carrot.  For its ornamental value, though, it has tiny flowers in tight umbels which may be white or sometimes pinkish.  Another wildflower growing statewide is the Wild Bergamot – also known as the horsemint or bee balm – which flowers from June until September.  In addition, the Downy Phlox is also quite abundant all over the state from April to July.  It has pink flowers on hairy stalks.
      The Pale Purple Coneflower, although abundant almost in the entire state, is quite infrequent in the Delta region.  This bears flowers with rays that may be white, greenish-white, or pale reddish-purple.  The Plains Coreopsis, on the other hand, can be found in most of the state except in most of the northern countries.  This plant bears yellow and reddish-brown flowers.
      Arkansas also has interesting flowers in some of its parts. The Indian Paintbrush – otherwise known as the painted cup – is one.  What makes it interesting is that its uppermost leaves, or the bracts, are more attractive than its actual flowers that are supported by spikes.  Most of these can be found on the Ozark Plateau, but they have not been cultivated because they tend to encroach on the roots of other plants.
      Other widely occurring wild flowers in Arkansas are the Goldenrod, Mexican Hat, Ox-eye Daisy, Bush’s Purple Coneflower, Spider Lily, and the American Basket-flower.  The American Basket-flower which bears lavender or pink flowers from May to August can be cultivated easily.  In the wild, it grows on prairies, pastures, and roadsides. 









2007 Arkansas Flower and Garden Show

Annual spring event held in Little Rock. Visitor information, speaker and event
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Wildflower seeds - Wild Flower Seed Store

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University of Arkansas Extension

Describes history of and participation in the statewide program, provides an
activity calendar and newsletter archive, and features a plant of the week.


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