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Among the many states in America, California is one of the states which have five major climates occurring in a close proximity which then results to the diversity of its vegetation. Specifically, flowers are one of those who thrives most in the region.  
One of the most prevalent heart shaped perennial flower in the region is the Wild ginger which thrives better when shaded fully. This spicy smelling flower has three petals approximately 1- 2 inches spur like extension. It flowers often grew 0.5 to 1 inch wide.  
Moreover, the very elegant cream bush that works best in flower arrangements acquired its prominence in California. With its arching branches, green foliage and cream colored flower, it can be used as substitute to the classy babies’ breath.  Amazingly, the flowers turns its color to chocolate after hanged around through winter. This kind of flower can tolerate drought and loves shade. More to these drought- tolerant flowers, the White light purple shrub, Wallaces Pitcher sage is also endemic in the area. Likewise, the California Honeysuckle looks better with its large leaves and clustered pink flowers.  
Meanwhile, another plant with a horrible name is the Narrowleaf mule ears which grew less than a foot tall with 2-3 inch flower on it. On the other hand, a beautiful open shrub, Western Spirae, with arching branches and eye-catching foliage grows in moist forest areas that is often use for flower arrangement because of its great fall color and pink colored flower during spring.  
Often enjoyed by insects such as the bumble bees, this Bumblebee plant commonly known as the Black Figwort has tall flowers stalks with black flowers on it. This kind of flower is where Chalcedon Checker spot butterfly lives.  
Then again, a very little native rose called the Wood rose allured by its pink petal and fragrant smell suits better in flower arrangements and the likes. The Goldeback fern that gets dormant when the weather goes dry, appreciates full shade in the area. Not too mention, this plant seeks protection from rocks. Nonetheless, this plant was called as such as its pores on the underside of the leaves turns gold as the plant grows.  
Conversely, believed to be the sign of a healthy garden in California, an edible wildflower that comes up under oaks called the Miner’s lettuce is often discouraged to be pulled from its area as this will disappear.  
Amongst the few floras mentioned, surely, California has many more wonderful indigenous yet unknown flowers to be discovered that will charm so many people. As these flowers continue to fascinate, rest assured that California will blossom like a bud of flower that will mesmerize every heart of every individual.   

Indigenous Flower in California
Eschscholtzia Californica
California Poppy

With varied climate, California is located along the Pacific Ocean at the West Coast of United States. It contains various natural features- ranging from rocky and sandy beaches to snow-capped mountains, desert areas and forests. Wildflowers blossom in many areas of the state. Some like Poppies, Clarkias and Lupines can be used in the seeded gardens.

Specifically, the poppy is the official indigenous flower of the state. Known as the Eschscholtzia Californica given by Adelbert Von Chamisso, member of the Prussan Academy of Sciences and a known naturalist, the California poppy was both used for food and oil by the California Indians. Also known as the la amapola, flame flower and copa de oro (cup of gold), the wildflower comes from the family of Papaveraceae species. The 2-3 inch satin soft petals shaped like tiny cups have only one single blossom. The leaves branch freely in distinct bluish green. Its flowers close at night and open again in the morning exuding fresh colours.

Shades and hues of these appealing blossoms differ from rose colours, bronze, deep orange to yellow. Some petals have darker shades at the edges making it more alive under sunlight. Other varieties produce semi-double or double blossoms.

Growing the native California poppies in your garden beds require regular and consistent plant care. They easily turn brown and produce seeds, definitely not a good sight for ornamental gardens. Seeds are most healthy during early spring or fall. Usually, lovers of these plants choose to plant them where there is enough or full direct sunlight in a well raked sandy soil.

These flowers are said to grow in a much cooler or colder zone, though they can be seen almost everywhere. Unlike other plants, the poppies do not grow well when they are transplanted often. It is best to place or plant them where they will grow for the longest period of time. In cases where seeds are planted, it is preferable to keep the soil moist awaiting the complete germinating process.

Landscape artists and gardeners love to put up these flowers in rock gardens and are most attractive for driveways and long roads. They can also be placed in containers and vases as centre pieces.

The California poppy officially became the state flower in 1903. In May 13-18, 1996, Governor Wilson proclaimed it to be Poppy Week and April 6th every year is the California Poppy Day. The official indigenous state flower is protected by the state law. Similar to other wild flowers, they are prone to extinction due to massive and increasing industrialization projects. Lands are being developed and buildings are constructed destroying much of natural habitats. Persons or any activities that may destroy these flowers are strictly prohibited.

Growing Tips for Planting Poppies
Poppies have long been a favorite of gardeners for planting in rock gardens and for brightening up splashy borders. They are also fantastic flowers for planting in containers, such as a large wooden half barrel or a galvanized tub. Plant several poppies as your tall center flowers, then add colorful snapdragons or blue salvia, candytuft, pansies, and sweet alyssum or Dusty Miller to fill out your container. These are sure to provide you with a summer bouquet until late fall.
Most poppies are very easy to grow, especially annuals such as the California or the Shirley. Soil preparation is minimal, and usually requires just a bit of raking of your seed bed. Keep your soil moist after planting and the seeds will germinate readily in about a week. Poppies demand good drainage for proper growth.
Since almost all poppies are self-sowing if allowed to go to seed, you could be lucky enough to only have to plant them once. It is possible to transplant any small volunteers by digging them up when they're quite small. Care should be taken to not injure their roots when moving them, and they should be spaced at least 12 inches apart when transplanting.
Many states in America have had songs written about them, and California is no exception. A sweet little song titled "Golden Poppies Good Night" was written by Mary A. Lombard. It was published in The Golden Poppy by E.E. Smith, 1902, Murdock Press, San Francisco, and is on page 192.













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