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Indigenous Flowers of Colorado: Rocky Mountain Columbine


The Rocky Mountain Columbine which is scientifically known as Aquilegia caerules is the official state flower of Colorado. Colorado blue columbine is just one of the many indigenous flowers Colorado is proud to have. You can also find other natives such as baby’s breath, wallflower, bellflower, fleabane daisy, Indian paintbrush, sulfur flower and rose pussytoes.

Indigenous flowers and other plants here in Colorado are protected especially the official state flower. Uprooting these delicate flowers, destroying and massive gathering of its stem buds and blossoms are punishable by a particular law.

Colorado is a mountainous region and compared to other places you’ll find in the United States, the climate here is distinctively complex which makes it a popular site for mountain climbers.

A famous mountain climber by the name of Edwin James was the one who has discovered the now official state flower of Colorado, the Rocky Mountain Columbine. The delicate indigenous flower of Colorado, scientifically named Aquilegia caerules was discovered in the year 1820 at Pike Peaks.

More than sixty years have passed before this indigenous flower of soft blue, white and sometimes lavender in color was made and declared as the state flower of Colorado. The declaration was made before a General Assembly and the Aquilegia caerules or the Rock Mountain Columbine was declared an official flower of the state on April 4, 1899.

The sizes of these particular indigenous flowers Colorado proudly represents may differ in diameter. You can find them ranging from one inches to three.
Colors of these fragile flowers appeals sensibly through the contrasting shades of its petal and sepal fragments. Hues of white petals to be in contrast with the sepal’s shade of soft to magnificent blue that sometimes appear with the lovely shade of lilac.

Along pathways and branches, these indigenous flowers are naturally and gracefully arranged. Hummingbirds are particularly drawn to Aquilegia caerules because of its nectars. Other small birds such as the juncos and the sparrows are known to feed on its seeds.

Species of Rocky Mountain Columbine vary differently in features. You may find some Aquilegia caerules having double flowers with shorter branches while others may have larger flower petals and longer stems. The Rocky Mountain Columbine can grow up to three feet tall with spurs either standing straight or spread. These indigenous flowers grow in damp soil and shady areas. With beautifully nodding flowers, in its own sense, this particular indigenous flower gives out a very dramatic appeal.

Existence of indigenous flowers Colorado are threatened by the same factors and that’s invasion of the fauna and flora by the increasing population of people and that is happening worldwide not only here in Colorado.

But there are numerous environmentalist groups that are going the extra mile to protect these indigenous flowers and other living things as well. Over-collecting of indigenous flowers is one of the reasons that bring their existence to rarity and extinction. Direct exploitation of these indigenous flowers should be stopped to conserve the beautiful creations of Mother Nature.

Indigenous flower Colorado
Aquilegia caerules
Rocky Mountain Columbine


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The climate in Colorado is distinctively complex compared to other states in America. Located at the rocky mountain area of the continent, the state is popular for mountain climbers. In fact, it was because of Edwin James, a famous climber who discovered the delicate Aquilegia caerules or the Rocky Mountain Columbine at Pikes Peaks in 1820. More than sixty years later, James’ discovery of the soft blue and white native specie was declared to be the indigenous state flower of Colorado. Sometimes white and lavender, the Columbine was officially declared before a General Assembly to be the official state flower in April 4, 1899. Uprooting, digging, destroying, and massive gathering of buds, stems and blossoms of this delicate plant is punishable by law.

As a tribute to the Rocky Mountain Columbine, A.J. Flynn wrote and composed a song entitled “Where the Columbines Grow”. It was then adopted to be the official song of the state in May 8, 1915 warming the hearts of the locals in Colorado even up to this day. The flower growing lovelier and stronger, and preserved up to this day has been equally memorable and symbolic to faculty, staffs, parents and students of Columbine High School in memory of one historic event in April.

The flower is one of those favourites for those who want to remember loved ones and special moments in their lifetime. Always permanent and will thrive anywhere in the lands of America, and in some parts of the world, the flowers grow well in shady areas with damp soil. With enough water, these plants can endure under hot temperature and extreme heat of the sun.

Sizes may differ from one to three inches in diameter. Colours vary from red, orange, yellow and purple. The appealing sense of the fragile flowers is enhanced through the contrasting shades of the petals and sepals. Their grace and beauty can be most admired as they naturally arrange themselves on branches or along the pathways.

Columbine flowers usually are full of nectar attracting hummingbirds particularly. Small birds, like the sparrows and juncos feed on the seeds. Not only can the Columbine flowers become an added attraction to your flower garden, it will also attract songbirds to your front yards or back yards.

Different species vary in features. There are those that have shorter branches with double flowers, while others have longer ones with larger flower petals. Spurs either spread or are straight. The plant can grow as tall as three feet with nodding flowers that makes it more dramatic in its own sense.

Rocky Mountain Columbines bloom abundantly during summer and early springs. There are different kinds of species to choose from to make your gardens and landscape more attractive, homey and memorable.


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