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  Indigenous flowers North Dakota

North Dakota is home to a plethora of flower species. The best known of these species is the Rosa Arkansana or Prairie Rose. This indigenous flower of North Dakota is well known simply because it also serves as the state’s official flower. Using its scientific name could lead to confusion as the state name “Arkansas” suddenly pops into mind. This is primarily because of the wide distribution of the North Dakota indigenous flower. This wide distribution causes people to call it by different names, leading to what is called a “synonymy”. In fact, its common name of “Prairie Rose” is also often used to refer to the Meadow Rose (Rosa blanda) but that is another story.

The Prairie Rose is a deciduous shrub. This means that it, like many trees and plants, shed its leaves periodically. The shrub can grow up to 1.2 meters tall. It can often be seen on roadsides and pastures. Actually, it can be considered a weed by some people, because it is quite invasive.

However, there are still those who consider this North Dakota indigenous flower for ornamental horticulture. This might be because of the aesthetic qualities of the pink blossoms. This North Dakota indigenous flower usually blooms around June or July. The blossoms themselves have diameters of 2 to 5 centimeters, and are hermaphrodite. This means that each flower of the Prairie Rose has both male and female parts.

The fruit of this North Dakota indigenous flower comes in the form of hips. The fruit is often used for the preparation of syrups and tea. This is because the hips are actually rich in Vitamin C. Caution should be taken when the fruit is ingested, as there are tiny hairs surrounding the seeds that could irritate the mouth and digestive track. The seed, however, is a great source of Vitamin E. in order to take advantage of this nutrition, you might want to grind the seeds and add them to foods.

As said before, many people consider this North Dakota indigenous flower as a weed. This means that the plant can pretty much grow anywhere. It can tolerate light or heavy soil. It can grow in acidic or alkaline soil, although it does do better in the former. If you choose to cultivate this plant, all you need to be concerned about is placing it correctly and making sure that there’s enough moisture to keep the plant alive. You might also want to keep it planted close to garlic in order to prevent disease and insects from afflicting your plant.

If you are thinking about planting this North Dakota indigenous flower, you have the option of using seeds or cuttings. Many people suggest that you use cuttings for the planting of the Prairie rose, as seeds take up to two years to germinate.

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Indigenous flower South Dakota

The Pasque flower is one of South Dakota’s indigenous flowers. It also holds the position of the state’s official flower. This South Dakota indigenous flower is quite recognizable because of its finely dissected leaves –quite distinctive among plants. It is also known as the prairie crocus, windflower and more commonly, mayday.

The name of this South Dakota indigenous flower actually refers to the Passover or Easter. This is because of the fact that the flowers bloom typically around this time. The flowers are solitary, which means that they are quite eye-catching. Usually the blossoms of this South Dakota indigenous flower have a dull purple color.

Some people may say that having a dull color may lessen the visibility of this South Dakota indigenous flower and make it unsuitable as an ornamental plant. However, you should take into consideration the Pasque flower’s blooming season. Actually, this South Dakota indigenous flower blooms very early in the spring. It has been observed that flowers are actually visible even before the last of the snow has melted.

What is the impact of this fact? Well, you should realize that the dead of winter makes for a very bleak background. The white of the snow and the gray of the clouds just seem so dead. This background makes any bit of color actually stand out. When someone sees the first blossoms of the Pasque flower, it will be against the backdrop of winter and thus, the sight of the flowers will immediately catch one’s eye.

If you are planning to cultivate this South Dakota indigenous flower, you definitely should plant them in dry soil. Doing so will help the Pasque flower flourish. And why should one cultivate this flower? Well, this is because the Pasque flower has uses beyond its aesthetic qualities.

For one thing, this South Dakota indigenous flower has some herbal properties. It can be used in alternative medicine. Some people have claimed that it can be used to relieve cough and asthma. Usually, it is administered in the form of tinctures.

Another common herbal use of the Pasque flower is for nerve exhaustion. This South Dakota indigenous flower can be used by women to sooth tired nerves and even for relieving headaches. Usually, these illnesses are treated also using the tincture of the South Dakota indigenous flower

Most herbal medicines are prepared by distilling the herb in water. Don’t worry about which part you will use because all parts of this indigenous flower from South Dakota can be used in preparation of the herbal medicine. However, it is recommended that you go to a qualified herbalist for the instructions and dosages you can take. This is because the active ingredients in herbal medicines will interact with other medicines and this could lead to some adverse side-effects.





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