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Indigenous Flowers of Delaware: The Peach Blossom


       Delaware is known to be the “Peach State” of the United States during the 1500’s. With its highest peach productions that were sold in the market that reached 6,000,000 baskets in 1875, made it in history and earned its reputation.
Because of a mass petition, Peach blossoms or Prunus persica has become the official flower of Delaware. The move to make the indigenous flower Goldenrod the official flower was overran when the locals of the state stormed the legislators and made a petition to make Peach blossom as their official flower.
In America alone, the state of Delaware is one of the largest growers of peaches. With 800,000 peach trees in Delaware’s orchards alone can produce thousand of dollars each year. Peach blossom was adopted as the official floral emblem of the state of Delaware in May 9, 1895 and in 1953, it was declared as an indigenous flower of the state.
Prunus persica or the Peach blossom is a native flower of China. The Peach blossoms are produced before the leaves during the early spring. Some of these peach trees are found in commercial orchards and some are planted in gardens cultivated as ornamentals. Peach blossom comes from the family of Rosaceae, genus prunus and species persica.
These indigenous flowers Delaware may be found in pairs or solitary. The flower has five petals and is about 2.5 to 3 centimeters in diameter. The color range of the indigenous Peach blossom comes from soft pink to carmine that turns purplish in color.
Petals of Peach blossoms can be very showy and large but it can also be small and marginally curved. These particular flower buds singly on peduncles that are very short they’re almost sessile from a year-old wood’s lateral buds. Peach blossoms are known to pollinate themselves before the buds open.
The growth of peach trees can measure from 15 to 25 feet in height. Leaves are featured to be slender with toothed edges. At 3 to 4 years of age, peach trees start to bear fruits and at 12 years it reaches its peak.
This flower is indigenous to the state of Delaware and there are laws that protect the existence of this indigenous flower. With America being the largest producer of peaches, Peach blossom will continue to be a part of this existence. Peach blossom contributes more than just being the official state flower of Delaware. In so many ways it helps the people the environment and the state as well.
Conservation of these indigenous flowers is only threatened with the sole reason of invasion. This problem is shared among indigenous species all over the world. The fight for existence is fierce and with the unstoppable growth of human population, extinction to some indigenous fauna and flora are inevitable.


Indigenous Flowers in Delaware
Prunus persica
Peach Blossom

Water-saving beauties at Flower Show
Philadelphia Inquirer, PA - Mar 7, 2008
"They're very eco-friendly," says Walt Cullerton of Pineville, Bucks County, part of the North American Rock Garden Society's Delaware Valley chapter. ...
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Delaware exhibits honored at flower show
The News Journal, DE - Mar 4, 2008
(Buy photo) The News Journal/CARLA VARISCO-WILLIAMS PHILADELPHIA — Three exhibits with Delaware-area ties won awards at the 2008 Philadelphia Flower Show. ...
New Castle County
The News Journal, DE - Mar 7, 2008
Delaware Division of the Arts Mezzanine Gallery. "Wonder and Fear: Pinhole Photographs," works by Nancy A. Breslin, an Individual Artist Fellow in ...

The state became the lead producer of peaches in America alone. In 1875, at least 6,000,000 baskets of peaches were sold in the market. This was one of the Delaware’s highest productions in all its history. This earned Delaware the reputation to become “Peach State”.

Though there was a move to make goldenrod the state’s official flower- plant lovers, school children, parents, farmers, labourers, and other locals stormed the legislators to make Peach blossom as their official flower. It was because Delaware orchards alone contain more or less 800,000 peach trees with at least thousands of dollars of produce each season. As a result of their mass petition, Peach blossom became the official adopted floral emblem of the state in May 9, 1895 and became the indigenous state flower in 1953.

In the later parts of the nineteenth century, most of the peach farmers went bankrupt and posed a great downfall on the economy of the state. The “yellows”, known as the peach blight affected the collapse of the industry.

Prunus persica produces edible fruit called peaches. The scientific word persica is derived from a belief that the fruit was also a native from Iran (before Persia). But in modern times, the specie is known to come from China. It was popularly introduced to Persia and some countries in the Mediterranean region before the Christian era way down Silk Road. They belong to the family of Rosaceae and the sub-family Prunoideae. The tree can grow up to 5 to 10 meters tall. Buds sprout and flowers bloom early in spring before the leaves. The leaves appear to be 7 to 15 centimetres in length and 2 to 3 centimetres wide. Normally, flowers produce five pink petals and can come in pairs or grow alone.

Peach trees grow in limited places because they require certain temperatures to grow strong and sturdy. The trees are not likely to grow healthy in subtropical areas. Though they can survive in -26 degrees centigrade to -30 degrees centigrade, the flowering buds usually die. Produce are eventually very low and decreases in the next season. A great deal of sun and summer heat is needed to allow the flowers to bud and yield expected amount of crops.

The fruit contain an oval shaped seeds of the fruit. They are red-brown in colour and generally in one in a half to two in diameter. Peaches as fruits, like that of the apricots, cherries, and plums are known to be stone fruits or drupes.

Some kinds of peaches have either white or yellow flesh. Other varieties are acidic with sour tang mixed with heavenly sweetness but others are simply sweet but not at all too sour. They are healthy and is good to be part of the daily diet.




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