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Indigenous Flower in Florida
Citrus sinensis
Orange Blossom

Orange Blossoms as Indigenous Flowers of Florida

Florida is known to be the “Land of Flowers”. During the year 1512, the state was named La Florida by one named Ponce de Leon. In Spanish this name particularly relates to concept of flowers or a place abundant or covered with lovely flowers.

There are several amazingly beautiful flowers found in Florida. In fact the official state flower of the state was chosen amongst these several beautiful flowers and top three contenders are the camellia, gardenia and yours truly, winner of the Florida’s crowd, the orange blossoms. Truth be told, gardenia and camellia both had equal support but with the widespread popularity gained by the indigenous flowers of Florida, The orange blossoms rightfully earned its mark as the official flower of the state.

All throughout the southern and central part of Florida, you’ll find the strong scent of these orange blossoms. It is considered as the most fragrant indigenous flower that is found in Florida. The declaration proclaiming the orange blossom as the official state flower of Florida was done on the 15th of May in the year 1909.

Orange blossoms are one of the evergreen tree families. Flowers of this particular group of evergreen tree have features of being very fragrant with white colors arranged from 1 to 6 clusters. The leaves of orange trees are leathery and shiny. Its shape ranges from being elliptic to oblong that can measure up to four inches long. Their petioles or leaf stems have narrow wings and twigs on cultivar varieties are rather thorny. The plant grows from 20 up to 30 feet tall. Millions of orange blossoms are found in entire state of Florida blooming during the spring. The tree of these indigenous flowers Florida bears fruit during the fall or winter season. Oranges under the full sun, grows and gives best results.

With fragrant flowers and glossy foliage great for landscaping, many homeowners in Florida grow orange trees in their own backyard. For several months, fruits can stay edible as long as it is on the tree. The Florida State Flower is very popular to honeybees and honeys made from the bees of orange blossoms are known to have a mild taste.

The powerful scent of orange blossoms starts to dominate the most part of Florida’s south and central areas happens when the indigenous flowers starts to flourish. Orange blossoms are in shades of white contrastingly blends with the orange-colored fruits. This blend and contrast of soft colors with its sweet fragrance are beautiful features that completely add attraction for visitors and tourists of the state.

Some of these trees are especially planted in parks and gardens found all over the state of Florida. Its budding flowers with its citrus scent gives not only pleasures to the public’s smelling senses but also shade and homes to many different birds.

Orange blossoms derive its scientific name from the sweet orange’s name of Citrus sinensis. With the combination of its powerful citrus strength and visual perfection, orange blossom earns every right to be Florida’s State Flower.

In 1512, Ponce de Leon named La Florida, from the Spanish concept of flowery, abundant with flowers or covered with flowers. Known to be Land of Flowers, the state basically had several kinds to choose from for their official indigenous state flower. Camellia and gardenia had equal support but it was finally the orange blossom that gained widespread popularity and earned its mark. It was resolved as the most voted State Flower in November 15, 1909 Legislature.

The scent of the orange blossoms dominates most part of central and south Florida, especially when it starts to flourish. The white flowers contrast yet blends the yields of the orange coloured fruits. The sweet fragrance and the soft colours of the flowers completely make it an added attraction for tourists. The trees especially with its budding flowers are best to be planted in gardens and parks where it can both give shade and homes to birds.

Sweet orange stands for the scientific name of Citrus sinensis. It is a crossbreed of a historical origin, probably from tangerine and pomelo. The fruit is known to be another type of berry because of too many seeds the fruit produce. It is contained inside one ovary from a soft flesh. Orange seeds are called pips. Its flowering tree can grow to towering height of at least ten metres. The ovate shape evergreen leaves are 4 to 10 centimetres long. They are naturally arranged in alternating manners.

Orange trees came mostly in some parts of Southeast Asia. In other dialects it is called the Chinese apple, China’s apple, or Apfelsine specifically in German language. The orange tree is also known to come from Dravidian word. It eventually was developed and was modified after it passed through countries of different languages.

All trees of these kinds came from one family called Citrus, and cannot be inter-bred. There is only one known super species where lemons, oranges, and limes originate.

These trees grow best in warm climates. They can yield crops with both sweet and sour tangs. They are basically eaten fresh or as fresh juice.

Several varieties of oranges trees can be enjoyed by consumers. Persian orange at first were bitter and were found mostly in Europe in early 11th century. After the sweet oranges were introduced in Italy in the 15th century by Portuguese traders in India, common variety of tasty oranges filled the market. They have then produced different sizes of oranges with different segments inside the fruit.

At the monastery of Brazil, the sweet navel orange grew. These are the oranges also known to be the Bahie, Washington, or Riverside.

One of the late-season fruits are called the Valencia orange. The variety has become popular when the navel specie is out of season.

And the blood oranges are those types that have red streaks in the fruit and the juice extracts are burgundy in colour.





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