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Magnolia Blossoms and Louisiana Irises Indigenous Flowers of Louisiana
The state of Louisiana is home to many native or indigenous flowers and plants. While the Louisiana Iris stands as the wildflower of the state, the official state flower title was given to the Magnolia grandiflora L. or simply known as the Magnolia blossoms.
Louisiana Irises, Louisiana’s State Wildflower are native species of the state. These indigenous flowers Louisiana are hybridized since then and irises of different variations were developed. Different variations of hybridized Louisiana Irises are now grown in most areas of the country.
In early spring, the Louisiana Iris blooms and covers most of the state’s bayous and swamps with its strikingly beautiful flower. The blooms last up until June. These indigenous wildflowers are finished blooming during this month of the year.
Meanwhile, during the summer season, the state of Louisiana is covered with blossoms of the Magnolia grandiflora L. that comes from numerous magnolia trees found in the state. The magnolia tree which belongs to the evergreen family specie produces thousands of magnolia blossoms this time of year. Magnolia flowers are showy and large in creamy-white colors. These particular indigenous flowers of Louisiana are fragrantly-rich lemon scented blossoms.
Both the state of Louisiana and Mississippi is using the same state flower. The legislative action that declared Magnolia blossoms as Louisiana’s state flower was approved on July 12, 1900. However, the variety was not specified in the legislative action. It was George Earlie Shankle who identified the intended specie of Magnolia blossom. Under the legislative action by the state of Louisiana from Shankle, the designated state flower of Louisiana was the Magnolia grandiflora or Magnolia foetida. This particular specie of Magnolia blossom was chosen under probable cause that there’s an abundant growth of the Magnolia tree all throughout the state of Louisiana.
In the year 1941, a group named “Mary Swords DeBaillon Louisiana Native Iris Society” was formed by Louisiana Iris enthusiasts. Then in 1948, the name was changed into Society for Louisiana Irises. Society for Louisiana Irises proposed that the Magnolia Blossom be replaced with the Louisiana Iris under legislation in 1950. The proposed legislation intended the Magnolia to become Louisiana’s official tree instead, efforts to appease the supporters of the magnolia flowers.
The controversial debate between the two opposing groups supporting their respective flowers grew heated at times. Louisiana Iris enthusiasts contended that the Magnolia grandiflora is not unique and is only grown in the southern part of the state when Magnolia supporters criticized Louisiana Irises for giving Louisiana the impression of being a swampland where houses are on stilts and alligators are trained to become watchdogs. In addition, groups supporting Louisiana Irises argued that these indigenous wildflowers are easily grown everywhere. In 1990 as it was noted, Louisiana Iris was adopted as the wildflower of the state.
Louisiana Iris was defeated to have been named as the state flower but gained recognition as Louisiana’s State Wildflower. Up to this date, Magnolia blossoms remain as the state flower of Louisiana. For over a hundred years, the Magnolia grandiflora is celebrating as the official State Flower of Louisiana.

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