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Indigenous Stroboli Flowers of Maine

Indigenous flowers found on the islands of Maine are the Apple blossoms, Goldenrods and the Pine Cone and Tassel. The state flower of Maine was chosen when the Women’s Congress came up with the idea that inspired the individual selection of floral emblem that will re4present each of the state that comprises America.
In 1893 at the World’s Fair in Chicago, the” National Garland of Flowers” idea was formed. It was the inspiration that made individual state legislature to select their floral emblem or state flower that will represent them.
During these times, the selection for the floral emblem that will represent the state of Maine took place. It was from the month of November to December in the year 1894 that an effort was made to establish the official state flower of Maine. “Maine Floral Emblem Society” urged that the voice of the citizens of Maine be heard on this particular issue.
In order to obtain a floral emblem that will represent the state through a statewide consensus, newspapers in Maine were published with ballots. The ballots offered three candidates and they were the Apple blossoms, Goldenrods and the Pine Cone and Tassel. The statewide voting was aiming to choose a floral emblem that will represent the state in the “National Garland of Flowers”. Results of the statewide voting turned out and declared Pine Cone and Tassel as the winner by gaining 60% of the entire number of votes. To Maine, which is also known as the Pine Cone State, this was not a surprising outcome at all. The White Pine Cone and Tassel played a big role in the history of Maine.
The 67th Legislature of Maine adopted the Pine Cone and Tassel as Maine’s official state flower or floral emblem on February 1, 1895. The legislature in a way did not specify the particular specie of Pine Cone and Tassel when it was approved and made the floral emblem of Maine. But the legislation surely intended the eastern white pine or the Pinus strobus.
The White Pine Cone and Tassel is considered in the northeastern part of the United States as the largest conifer that can ever be found. It is also known as the Pinus strobus, Linnaeus, the leaves of white pines are also called needles. These needles are bluish-green in color that sometimes turns into silver green, arranged regularly in bundles of five. Leaves are also soft and flexible that measures from 2.5 to 5 inches in length. During the second growing season, white pine leaves are usually shed at the tips.
Stroboli or the flowers of white pines are found occurring on the bodies of its tree. Cones of White pine Cone and Tassel can measure from 4 up to 8 inches long, usually appearing slightly curved. These cones have scales that are thin without prickles. Fragrances of gummy resin are scents smelled from these cones.
Maine is the only state in America that doesn’t offer a flower for its floral emblem. It is also the only state in the entire U.S. to have its own official state strobilae.


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