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Indigenous Mayflowers of Massachusetts
With so many vernacular names associated with the Trailing-Arbutus such as the Creeping Mayflower, Epigee Rampante, Ground Laurel, Mountain Pink, Gravel Plant, and Winter Pink, it is still commonly recognized and called by the name Mayflower.
The blossoms of Mayflower are funnel-shaped with white to pinkish five spreading lobes. The lobes can measure from 1 to 2 cm. long. Blossoms are waxy-textured, clustered at the axils of its leaves and sometimes at the ends of its branches too. Mayflower blossoms are considered very fragrant and the strength of its scents vary differently depending on the type of soil and the location of the plant. The scent of mayflowers are more powerful during the early spring under the evergreen trees.
Foliage with alternate oval leaves with slightly blunt pointed ends. Stalks of Mayflower are rather hairy prostrate stems. The plant is a trailing or a creeping form that grows out in the open. In general, you can see the Trailing-Arbutus typically growing in acidic soil, in lightly wooded areas and slopes.
Mayflower or Epigaea repens is the State Flower of Massachusetts. The flower was proposed to represent the state of Massachusetts as early as 1893. It was the idea of the “National Graland of Flowers” that brought inspiration to choose a floral emblem that will represent each of the states in America.
Before Mayflower became the state flower of Massachusetts, the flower endured failure and defeat two times in a row in its goal to gain legislative approval. Mayflower was first introduced as floral emblem as a proposed bill in 1900. In 1901, the same bill was introduced again but like the first one it was again defeated, two proposed bills that aims to adopt the Mayflower as the state fower of Massachussets failed.
In 1905, a new bill was proposed, it was to name the Mountain Laurel as Massachusetts floral emblem, however, for the third time, it was again deprived of a legislative approval.
The third attempt on the Mayflower was a bill introduced and supported by State Rep. Miles A O’Brien. His proposed bill was quite a charmer that time, but under unfortunate events, it was faced with another bill competing to named the state flower of Massachusetts. The other bill was introducing the Water Lily as the state’s floral emblem.
Massachusetts’ General Court decided to let the Department of Agriculture handle the issue, which in turn and in finality passed onto the State Board of Education. The result came out that there will be a statewide election of school children. It was a voting event that will be participated by the school children of Massachusetts, to help determine the floral emblem that will represent the state.
School children of Massachusetts chose the Mayflower over the Water Lily more than twice the number of votes. Mayflower garnered 107, 617 number of votes, while the Water Lily cast a mere 49, 499 number of votes.

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The Commonwealth of Massachusetts with its General Court adopted the Mayflower or Epigaea repens which is also commonly known as the Trailing-Arbutus as the official floral emblem of the state of Massachusetts. On the 17th of May 1925, a bill was amended to protect the specie of the endangered Mayflower.

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