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Indigenous Lady’s Slipper Flowers of Minnesota

The Minnesota State Flower is represented by the Pink and White Lady’s Slipper. In the year 1893, a resolution was passed designating the Cyprideum calceolus or the Wild Lady’s Slipper as the state flower of Minnesota which was a mistake that was corrected in 1902. In that same year, a resolution was passed naming the Pink and White Lady’s Slipper as the ftate flower of Minnesota. The Pink and White Lady’s Slipper was officially declared as the floral emblem of the state in 1967, under Minnesota Statue 1.142.
These indigenous flowers Minnesota are also referred to as the Queen’s Lady Slipper or the Showy Lady’s Slipper. Scientifically known as the Cypripedium reginae, the Pink and White Lady’s Slipper thrives on the wetland areas of the state. You can see this particular indigenous flower through cool damp woods, tamarack bogs, open fens, swamps, wet prairies and meadows.
The plant of the Pink and White Lady’s Slipper enjoys plenty of light. Pink and White Lady’s Slipper blossoms are in bloom from late June to early July. Lady slippers are slow growing plants, in fact, the first flowers of this particular specie takes almost up to 16 years to bloom. They grow up to 2 feet tall and lives as long as 50 to a hundred years old.
Hundred years ago, altars of rural churches favor these beautiful flowers and have them as adornments during the summer seasons. This delicate flower is one of the 43 estimated species of orchids that grows in the state. State people considers the Lady’s slippers as the most beautiful flower you’ll ever find growing in the state of Minnesota.

Considered as rare wildflowers, Pink and White Lady’s Slippers or Cypripedium reginae has been protected since 1925 by the state law of Minnesota. It is prohibited to pick these flowers or unearth these plants. Under a certain law provided by the state of Minnesota, commercial sales and collecting of Lady’s slippers has been regulated ever since.

Pink and White Lady’s Slipper produces brightly-colored flowers. They are sometimes found with one or two blossoms held up on a single stalk or stem. The flower got its name with its slipper-like features. Flowers of Lady’s slipper are made up of white petals that sits atop of a white pouch-like petal streaked with shades of bright pink. The pouch-like feature of this gives the impression of a beautiful lady’s slipper indeed.

Although Lady’s slippers may be found in most parts of the state where there are wet prairies, tamarack bogs, swamps and damp woods, it is still uncommon in Minnesota. Some of the many specimens of Lady’s slippers are very difficult to find.

Wetland habitas where these particular flower exists are threatened by so many factors such as tree cuttings, road construction, drainage and prohibited picking and uprooting. Even herbicides that are usually used on roadsides can kill Lady’s slipper plants. But the state of Minnesota has already made efforts to protect the species of Lady’s slippers and its natural habitat.



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