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Indigenous Magnolia Flowers of Mississippi
Numerous indigenous species are found in Mississippi. The state is home to Cape Jasmines, Cotton Blossoms, Magnolia Blossoms and other varieties of flowering plants. Magnolia grandiflora otherwise known as the Magnolia blossom is the state flower of Mississippi but this particular flower specie was not adopted as the state flower of Mississippi until the year 1952.
At the turn of the 19th century, the idea of indigenous flowers that will represent each state in America was originated. The process that made Magnolia blossoms as the State Flower of Mississippi was determined through the vote of the school children of the state. An effort was made to select the rightful floral emblem that will represent the Mississippi state. In November 1990, a flower election was held with the Mississippi school children as its voters.
The third flower that garnered the most number of votes amounting to 2, 484 in number is the Cape Jasmine. The Cape Jasmine is the most common name for Gardenia. This indigenous flower of Mississippi belongs to the Rubiaceae family known to be related to the family of coffee plants. Cape Jasmines are flowers with similar features of the Camellia. It usually comes in creamy white colors available all year round.

Cotton blossoms that belong to the bearded species of Iris was voted second best to the Magnolia blossoms. The Cotton blossoms, which were promoted by the state’s Federation of Women’s Clubs gained 4,171 votes. There were other varieties of flowers that were also voted in that flower election, in fact there was a total of 42 varieties of flowers that received 3, 878 numbers of school children’s votes.
The total number of votes was recorded at 23, 278. More than half of these recorded votes were received by non other than the reigning state flower of Mississippi up to this date, the Magnolia blossoms.
However, the results of these efforts were not taken into action and no legislative act was made declaring the Magnolia blossom as the Mississippi’s state flower. Nevertheless, the indigenous Magnolia blossom was generally considered by the citizens of the state as its state flower, but the issue was never declared official.
When the Magnolia tree proved its popularity by winning the contest for the Mississippi State Tree, Magnolia made its mark by being the favorite of children. With overwhelming votes, Magnolia triumph over three other nominees which were Dogwood, Oak and Pine tree.
Magnolia tree was adopted as Mississippi’s official state tree on the 1st of April 1938. But the state was still left with no official floral emblem. Magnolia blossom’s declaration as Mississippi’s state flower waited 14 more years before it was officially declared. On February 26, 1952, the waiting came to an end. The Magnolia grandiflora was officially approved as the official state flower by a Mississippi Legislature. That was 52 years later after Magnolia blossoms won the contest by being voted by 12, 745 school children in the state of Mississippi.

Cypress Tree

   The cypress tree is a group of tall evergreen trees that grow in North
America, Europe and Asia. There are about 130 species or kinds in the world
and 26 in the U.S.

   The cypress tree is found in warm climates. Gardeners often use them
as ornamentals. The cypress tree has a strong cedarlike odor.

   Cypress trees can live for 500 years. The wood is valuable because the
wood does not rot.

    The Big Cypress Tree State Natural Area located in Northwest Tennessee once had the oldest and largest bald cypress tree in the U.S. and the largest tree of any species east of the Mississippi River. It was hit by lightning in July of 1976.

    This tree was once 175 ft. tall. The circumference at the base was 40 ft. and the diameter measured 13 ft. The tree's age was estimated at being 1,350 years old.

Picture of a 3,500 year old Cypress Tree and it is located at the Big Tree State Park in Longwood Florida and the picture is courtesy of Seminole County Covention and Visitor's Bureau.

Picture of Lone Cypress Tree



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My neighbor's southern red oak is estimated to be 100 years old as stated by Mr. Thomas Cannon who played in the tree as a boy. He said an old road used to pass under the tree in which there was a notorious, car-catching sand bed. Seventy years ago there weren't many passing autos but when they did come by, the tree was big enough for little Tom and a friend to climb up and watch the hapless motorists dig their way out of the sand.


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