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 Soldiago Gigantea and Other Indigenous Flowers of Nebraska

In 1895, Goldenrod or Soldiago gigantea was named Nebraska’s state flower.
Governor Silas A. Holcomb signed the proposed resolution declaring the Goldenrod as the official state flower of Nebraska on April 4, 1895.
Glodenrods are indigenous flowers, species of these plants are found all throughout the state of Nebraska. It is a slender and erect perennial herb, coarse-looking though it may seem with it The plant usually grows up to three feet tall.Flower heads of Soldiago gigantea are small and yellow in color but sometimes they are also in shades of cream and white rays. The blossoms of Goldenrods bloom during the month of July to October, found either clustered flat or elongated massed.
The rays of Goldenrods are tiny and their 10 to 17 in numbers. Goldenrod bracts are colored green, firm and blunt. Inflorescence are usually open and spreader in 10 inches clusters. You’ll often find its flower heads mostly situated along one side. The pyramidal cluster of flower heads are often clustered or found in mass atop the edge of its branches or the plant itself
It was recorded in history that Thomas Edison, one of the famous scientist of our times, produced a long-lasting resilient rubber out of the Goldenrod plant. Unfortunately, the research on Goldenrods and its probability of being used and made into rubber never went beyond experimental stage.
Soldiago gigantea commonly grows along the road, in meadows, pastures, waste areas and ditches up in the northern part of America. Species of this particular flower are too many making it a bit difficult to distinguish, however, because of their golden inflorescence trademark with hundreds of spike-like capitulate or auxiliary racemes they can easily be recognized among other flower varieties.
You can spot these Goldenrods, presenting their bright yellow flower heads, some in golden hues and shades during the late summer season. Most often, Goldenrod blossoms are unfairly blamed of being the cause of hay fever. The allergy problems due to hsy fever caused by pollens mainly produced not by the flowers of Goldenrod but instead of the Ambrosia sp. Or commonly known as the Ragweed.
Ragweed's blooms alongside the months when Goldenrods are in bloom as well. Goldenrods are too sticky and heavy to be wind-pollinated thus impossible to be the cause of hay fever. The pollens of Goldenrods are mainly pollinated by varieties of insects. Hay fever is actually caused by wind pollinated Ragweed's that makes this flowering plant the real culprit.
Aside from the Goldenrods, there are other flowering plants which you’ll find interestingly beautiful in the state of Nebraska. There are the Pale Purple Coneflower, Prairie Wild Rose, Ironweed, Wild Bergamot, Black Samson and Prickly Poppy. You can also spot wildflowers such as the Mexican Red Hat, Butterfly Milkweed and varieties of the aster family.


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