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The Yucca flower was declared to be the state flower of New Mexico in March 14, 1927. There are many species of flowers under the “Yucca” family. However, the legislation is widely thought to refer to Yucca Glauca. This indigenous flower of New Mexico is characterized by its clusters of white flowers and rosettes of stiletto-shaped leaves.

What qualifies this New Mexico indigenous flower for the position it holds in New Mexico? Well, the plant actually symbolizes sturdiness as well as beauty. This is for good reason. After all, the ivory blossoms of this New Mexico indigenous flower do indeed capture one’s eye, especially in places near or in the desert. It’s like looking at a beauty emphasized by the rugged nature of its background. It shows the same beauty that’s roughened, yet enhanced by wildness.

Many people grow the Yucca flower in their backyards as an ornamental plant. There are also those who prefer to make use of the Yucca plant’s dried wood as fuel. This is because Yucca wood has one of the lowest ignition temperatures. This means that the wood burns easily and quickly, making it ideal for starting fire.

One of the most remarkable things about this indigenous flower of New Mexico stems from its pollination system. It is actually pollinated by the Yucca moth, which transfers the pollen from plant to plant. After transferring the pollen, the moth then lays its eggs on the flower. When the fruit grows, the eggs hatch and the larvae eat the seeds of the growing fruit. Of course, they are not able to eat all of the seeds, leaving some for the reproduction of the plant.

The Yucca plant may sometimes grow to the height of a small tree –a fact to be considered when using it as a part of a garden landscape. This indigenous flower of New Mexico is often used as an ornamental plant based on its leaves or its flowers. It is important to consider these two elements when planting the flower.

The Yucca flower is also called “Lampara de Dios” in Spanish. This translates as “Lamp of God” –referring to the clusters of white blossoms. This New Mexico indigenous flower has also served as a valuable resource in making soap and baskets. The leaf of the Yucca plant is quite remarkable in that it contains bundles of fiber which can easily be extracted from the leaf and woven into rope or cords. The product exhibits the toughness seen in the Yucca leaf.

As mentioned before, there are several species encompassed in the Yucca family. This is partly because of the numerous cross-breeding experiments conducted by scientists throughout the years. There are certainly many desirable traits that people want to replicate and improve in this New Mexico indigenous flower.
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