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The rose is often seen by many people as representing passion and romance. This indigenous flower of New York also has the privilege of being declared the stateís official flower. There is so much symbolism behind the image of the rose that it is often thought to be the best-known flower in the whole world.

This New York indigenous flower was given the official state flower status in 1955. There are over 150 species of this shrub and more than 20 thousand hybrids. This just goes to show you how much the flower is truly appreciated.

There are different perks to cultivating this New York indigenous flower. For one thing, the rose has a very distinctive and classy look about it. Whether it is still a bud or in full bloom, the flower of the rose is quite eye-catching. It contrasts with the thorny bush, which pretty much doesnít look like it would have been able to produce such a beautiful blossom as the rose. It sort of reminds one of wild beauty Ėan untamed vixen.

The rose comes in different colors. These colors and varieties are often interpreted and used in different ways. The most depicted, of course, is the red rose. This is thought to symbolize the passion and romance associated with pounding heart and rushing blood. It is also used to represent chivalry.

The white rose is used to represent purity. Some people give it in order to symbolize the purity of their intentions. That is, it is used to represent friendship. It is also often used to symbolize a maidís virginity, which why white roses used to be the flower of choice for a bridal bouquet. There are just so many things going on with this New York indigenous flower that itís quite natural for it to be depicted and used in so many different ways.

Because of the variety of this New York indigenous flower, there are many different types that can be observed. There are roses that creep, there are those that grow as shrubs, and there are those that trail. Because of this variety, people are able to easily find something that suits their landscaping needs.

This New York indigenous flower has also gotten a lot of attention because of its fragrance. Although the rose is undeniably aesthetically pleasing, its effect on the olfactory senses is unequaled. Did you know that even when the rose rots it does not give off an unpleasant odor? Although the smell of an old rose may not be particularly fragrant, the basic chemistry of this New York indigenous flower actually prevents it from giving off the pungent smell of decay. This New York indigenous flower is, simply put, deserving of itís status as the stateís official flower. 

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