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Among Ohio indigenous flowers, the scarlet carnation was chosen to represent the state officially. This was done through legislation in 1904. It should be noted that the scarlet carnation was the favorite flower of Presiden William McKinley. Some people say that the legislature adopted this Ohio indigenous flower partly in reverence for the President.

Generally, carnations represent love. The variety in colors is often used to represent the different degrees of affection. Because of this, the scarlet carnation is often used to denote deep, passionate love. There are different stories regarding this Ohio indigenous flower and carnations in general. Did you know that in ancient Rome, the carnation was known as Jove’s flower in honor of the god?

In Korea, carnations are used by children to show their love and affection for parents on Parents’ day. The carnation also serves as Spain’s national flower. This means that the indigenous flower of Ohio certainly has some ancient and international ties.

There are two different theories regarding the etymology or origin of the word “carnation”. Some experts believe that it stems from the word “coronation”, since it was a flower often used for the making of Greek ceremonial crowns. However, other experts contend that it comes from “incarnation”, which references the original color of the flower –flesh.

Cultivation of this Ohio indigenous flower is actually pretty easy. Many shops today offer different varieties of carnation cuttings and seeds for sale. What does this plant need in order to grow and bloom? Well, you might want to plant them in soil with good drainage. This is because an excess of water will only cause you to grow a lot of silvery leaves without flowers. Carnations, as a rule, do not do well with overfeeding and being grown on wet, clay soil.

You might also want to grow your carnations on a rock garden. This is because the Ohio indigenous flower actually does pretty well if the soil has a bit of lime. Okay, that does not mean that you should slice a lime and squeeze it over the soil. The “lime” being referred to here pertains to the mineral.

Being a perennial plant, the carnation will surely reward you with lots of flowers during many springs. If you want to get this Ohio indigenous flower to produce really big and beautiful blossoms, you might want to try nipping buds below the main flower buds. This will allow the plant to concentrate its nutrients on the main flowers and really produce big and beautiful blossoms.

This Ohio indigenous flower is certainly one that you can appreciate, whether in growing it or getting the flowers. Just a reminder: if you plan in cutting the flowers in order to put them on water, make sure that you cut an inch above or below the nodules. This is because the nodules themselves do not store the water; the stems do.

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