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Mistletoe (phoradendron serotinum) is Oklahoma’s state floral emblem. This Oklahoma indigenous flower has been in use ever since 1893. This means that it has been a symbol for Oklahoma even before it became a state.

Of course, mistletoe is quite popular because of Christmas tradition. Traditionally, mistletoe is hung on top of doorframes and if two people get under it, they should kiss. This has been oft-used by Hollywood as a device for triggering romantic relationships in Christmas stories. The myth itself is of Scandinavian origin, and has also provided some songwriters lines for classic Christmas tunes.

Actually, the mistletoe is a parasitic plant. This Oklahoma indigenous flower can be found clinging to different host trees, relying on the hosts for water and nutrients. The leaves of the mistletoe do a bit of photosynthesis, but the bottom line is that it gets most of its sustenance by absorbing the host’s. This usually causes the stunted growth of the host tree, however too large an infestation of mistletoe can kill the host tree.

However, the mistletoe is not all bad. Recent studies have shown that this indigenous flower of Oklahoma can actually be more supportive of the ecosystem than initially thought. It was found that the mistletoe serves as a sort of “keystone” and removing it could lead to some pretty serious consequences. For one thing, many animals depend on this indigenous flower of Oklahoma for food.

The mistletoe also provides nesting locations for a huge variety of birds. This helps increase the diversity of plant life, in a particular spot as birds are important agents in spreading seeds. In turn, this also causes a huge diversity of animal life. Because of this, the mistletoe is no longer considered as a mere pest, but as something that has a positive effect on the ecosystem.

This indigenous flower of Oklahoma shares the status of “state flower” with another plant: the Indian Blanket. This is considered the state’s wildflower. This Oklahoma indigenous flower is distinctive because of its orange-red and yellow petals. Being a wildflower, the Indian Blanket is actually quite hardy, able to grow in any type of soil. If you wish to cultivate it, however, it will thrive if planted on sandy and well-drained land.

This indigenous flower of Oklahoma also thrives under the heat of the sun. It can actually be seen carpeting places beside roads and highways in the summer. If you are attempting to cultivate this, you might want to “deadhead” the plant in order to promote further blooming.

These two indigenous flowers of Oklahoma are certainly special in their own ways. Whether it’s the beauty or the symbolism, you can definitely associate them with different ideals. And that is what counts in a state flower.



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