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The Oregon grape is holds the status of being Oregon’s state flower. Actually, it is in no way related to grapes. In order to avoid confusion, the name of this Oregon indigenous flower is often spelled hyphenated, thus Oregon-grape is used. It gets the name “grape” from the purple berries that it produces.

The plant itself can grow to about 5 meters tall. It has some leaves that are quite leathery in terms of appearance and which resemble holly leaves. The actual blossoms of this Oregon indigenous flower come in yellow and are actually quite attractive. The plant usually blooms early in the summer.

Many people cultivate the Oregon-grape for landscaping purposes. This is because it can serve as a loose hedge and it is a low-maintenance plant. It is considered to be low-maintenance because it can tolerate different types of soils, even poor ones. It is also highly resistant to summer drought. Another problem that people who cultivate this indigenous flower from Oregon is leaf litter. Oregon-grape simply does not shed that many leaves.

The berries of this Oregon indigenous flower actually attract different types of birds, providing means for reproduction. However, they are tart and contain large seeds. Other people have also experienced that the fruit of this Oregon indigenous flower can be a bit bitter. Because of this, the berries of this indigenous flower are rarely eaten without first being sweetened.

There are a variety of other uses for the Oregon-grape besides being consumed. Because of the appearance and tough quality of its leaves, some florists like to use this Oregon indigenous flower for foliage. The leaves resist wilting which makes them ideal for ornamental use.

Another use of this Oregon indigenous flower is that its inner bark can actually produce yellow dye. Of course, some people might find this a bit useless, seeing as how dyes are mostly produced artificially today. Still, it is useful to know these things.

This indigenous flower of Oregon also has some medicinal properties. They are often used by herbalists in the practice of alternative or supplementary medicine. However, you should realize that the chemicals contained in herbs such as this Oregon indigenous flower may interact in different ways with other medicines. You might want to make sure and contact a professional herbalist before you attempt any home remedies based on the Oregon-grape.

Research has shown that this indigenous flower of Oregon actually contains various chemicals that weaken bacteria, making them susceptible to antibiotics. It also contains the alkaloid berberine. This means that the Oregon-grape can be used as an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agent. It is usually taken in order to speed up the healing process after suffering from diseases such as cholera and viral diarrhea.

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