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They say that everything’ bigger in the state of Texas. Well this might be true, but the indigenous flower of Texas pretty much negates this. The Bluebonnet, which holds the status of being the state flower of Texas, is actually pretty small. The plant itself can actually only grow to a height of one foot. The adoption of this Texas indigenous flower as state flower occurred in 1901.

There is a circulating urban legend that it is actually illegal to pick Bluebonnets. This arises from the fact that it is the state flower. However, it is actually perfectly alright to pick this Texas indigenous flower. Actually, the myth may also stem from the fact that some people arrested for picking the flower have engaged in illegal activity like parking on the highway or trespassing in order to get to the flowers.

The flowers can actually be found scattered beside highways all over the state of Texas. During the spring season, when this indigenous flower of Texas blooms, the blossoms can be seen carpeting places beside roadways. There’s actually a pretty great story behind this: Former first lady Claudia Alta “Lady Bird” Johnson convinced the Texas state government to seed the Bluebonnets along the highways. Because of this, the flowers return every spring as a legacy to the First Lady.

One notable tradition that Texans have is taking family photographs among the bluebonnets in the spring. Usually, families return to the same spot every year just to take pictures. People might take pictures of children or even pets as part of this tradition, and with good reason: the blooming of the bluebonnets just completely transforms the landscape. This Texas indigenous flower is truly amazing.

Actually, the 1901 legislature specified the species of Lupinus subcarnosus as the Texas state flower. However, the deep-blue flowers of the Lupinus texensis or Texas bluebonnet proved to be more popular with the people. In 1971, the legislature was changed in order to encompass all species of bluebonnet.

If you are planning to cultivate this Texas indigenous flower, you might like some relevant information. First of all, it should be planted on soil with lime. This will help it grow and flower better. The soil should also be a bit dry. This Texas indigenous flower also has a pretty low moisture requirement, which means that you won’t have to do much work in order to cultivate it. It should be planted in sunny areas.

One of the most remarkable things about this Texas indigenous flower is the fact that it does not only bloom oceans of blue during the winter, but it actually forms attractive rosettes during the winter. It is because of this that the plant is quite popular among garden clubs.

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Content courtesy of John Dettling, Louise, Texas


Missouri Primrose
Oenothera missouriensis Onagraceae

When this plant was named, the word Missouri was latinized by adding "ensis" and signifies that the specimen was first collected in Missouri (3). There are other common names such as Yellow Evening Primrose and Ozark Sundrop (1). This flower is found from Texas to Missouri and throughout Central America (8). It blooms from April through August (3). The flowers open in the evening before sunset and stay open all night. The closed flower is pinkish and drooping. The buds are green and speckled dark pink. (1,3) It prefers well-drained soil in full sun. It grows 6 to 14 inches tall. (8)



Pink Evening Primrose
Oenothera speciosa Onagraceae

The Pink Evening Primrose is often called the Buttercup because it leaves its yellow pollen on the tip of your nose when smelled. (3,5) It blooms from March to July and the color of the flower varies from rose pink to white. (3,5) It grows 8 - 24 inches tall and has 2 inch flowers. (1) It grows in a variety of soils and tolerates partial shade or full sun. (1,3,5) The suggested seeding rate is 1/2 pound per acre, but it may take 2 years for the plant to get established and bloom. ( 1,5,8)

- Budd and John


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