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The Red Clover is Vermontís state flower. It is perennial, meaning that the plant will live for more than two years. If you are planning to cultivate this Vermont indigenous flower, you will be able to enjoy it for a long time. Of course, you need to give it the proper care.

It was adopted as Vermontís state flower in February 1, 1895. However, it should be understood that the Red Clover did not actually originate in the state. It was actually naturalized from Europe. In fact, this is the reason why the Red Clover is found widespread throughout Europe and Asia. It is a herbaceous plant, which means that the leaves and stems of this Vermont indigenous flower will die annually but being perennial, the plant will grow back after a period of dormancy using root tissue or bulbs.

The actual blossoms of this indigenous flower are found arranged in a dense inflorescence or cluster. What many people think of as the flower is actually a cluster of tiny flowers. Each individual flower is usually dark pink, albeit with a lighter-hued base.

There are actually only a few people who cultivate this plant for its aesthetic qualities. This Vermont indigenous flower is actually more valued as fodder. In other words, they are grown in order to feed livestock. They actually are pretty valuable in agriculture and are cultivated in many areas. Another reason why they are valued is the fact that they promote nitrogen fixation, thus helping increase the fertility of the soil.

This Vermont indigenous flower pretty much symbolizes the farm life of the State. More specifically, it is used to symbolize the dairy industry. However, it has also has a number of uses in alternative medicine. For one thing, did you know that the Red Clover has been often used to alleviate the symptoms of menopause? However, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not ingest this Vermont indigenous flower

The Red Clover, on the whole, is actually edible. The young leaves and even the young flowers are harvested and prepared in salads and other dishes. Some people even prepare dishes out of the sprouted seeds, which they say have robust flavors.

Another thing that people like to do is make tea out of the petals of this Vermont indigenous flower. The resulting brew is sweet, as well as medicinal. Did you know that recent studies have shown some anti-cancer properties in the Red Clover? Research is also on to find the alkaloid Ďslaframineí in this Vermont indigenous flower. The alkaloid has been observed exhibiting some properties in fighting diabetes and AIDS.

This Vermont indigenous flower is quite easy to cultivate. You can use root cuttings or seeds. The plant also requires very little attention when growing.

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