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Despite the number of indigenous flowers in the State of Wisconsin, only one was chosen to be its state flower: the wood violet. Although it was previously classified as Viola papilionacea, it was recently classified as Viola sororia, identifying it as the same specie of common blue violets.

This Wisconsin indigenous flower was nominated as a state symbol in 1908. A vote by schoolchildren in 1909 clinched the status for this Wisconsin indigenous flower. Among the other nominees were the wild rose, the trailing arbutrus and the white water lily.

If you plan on cultivating the wood violet, you actually have a pretty easy task ahead of you. This indigenous flower of Wisconsin is actually considered invasive in some areas. This just shows you that the violet actually pretty much grows well on its own. This Wisconsin indigenous flower is also commonly found growing in waste areas. The blue-purple flowers of the violet are actually pretty easy to spot, especially in the spring.

This Wisconsin indigenous flower can grow to a height of 3-8 inches. However, this does not mean that they are easy to miss. Actually, they are pretty easy to spot because of their vivid coloring. Some people who cultivate this plant for ornamental purposes actually use plant boxes or some other form of elevation in order to make it even more visible.

One of the most distinctive features of this Wisconsin indigenous flower is its smell. Some people describe it as mysterious and alluring. As people love a mystery, they are intrigued by the distinct almost-aroma of the violet. Actually, this effect is caused by the chemical composition of the violetís essential oil. The scent is actually composed for the most part of a chemical that numbs the receptors in a personís nasal passages. Once you smell the scent, your nasal receptors are numbed, and you donít smell anything anymore. Quite remarkable, isnít it?

The flowers and young leaves of this Wisconsin indigenous flower are actually edible. There are actually a lot of different preparations and recipes which make use of violets as ingredients. Most people prefer to use the flowers in salads. Although the flowers themselves taste bland, the scent of the violets certainly brings something special to a dish. The color of the petals also adds to the visual impact and appeal of food.

Did you know that in France violets are actually made into sweets? The flowers are covered in hot syrup or melted sugar. The sugar is then allowed to caramelize, turning the flower into candy. The resulting product is then used as a dťcor for pastries or sold individually as candy.

The violet actually contains a large amount of vitamin C in the flowers. Because of this, infusions and teas made from this Wisconsin indigenous flower are often taken as supplements.
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