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Speared Tree. You won't find this or the next item in any of the park literature. I'm always looking for weird trees. Someday I'll assemble my weird tree photo collection. This one is in the Grant Village area, along the paved path from Lodge Building "D" to the employee housing area. It consists of two trees in an area that burned in the big Yellowstone fires of 1988. The first tree is forked into two trunks. The 2nd tree fell directly between the forks of the first tree and wedged there. The main part of the 2nd tree's trunk broke off, leaving the top portion of the tree suspended between the forks of the first tree. The resulting appearance is that one tree has been speared by the other.

Indigenous plants or native plants preserve the beauty of natural ecosystem. When we refer to the indigenous plants of Wyoming some common names are as follows:
Blanket Flower; Scarlet Globe Mallow; Sand Dock; Velvetweed; Alpine Wallflower; Scarlet Gaura; Filaree; Shooting Star; Wild Rose; Wax Currant; Evening Primrose; Golden Currant; Golden Banner; Ground Cherry; Prickly Gilia; Prickly Pear; Yellow Violet; Rocky Mountain Bee Plant; Gayfeather; Pasque Flower; Purple Prairie Clover
The Blanket Flower: This plant is easily established from seed. Normally the flower forms dense colonies of red with yellow rims. Its blooming period is from May to September, occasional watering the plants can even extends the blooming period. This plant flourishes in full sun in well-drained areas. Blanket flower attracts bees, butterflies and birds. Blanket flower is mostly used as cut flower because its vase life is 6 to 10 days.

Scarlet Globe Mallow: It is even known as copper mallow, belongs to Malvaceae family. Scarlet Globe Mallow flower is sauced shaped, about 2 cm wide, orange –salmon to brick red in color with five petals and three bracts. Its flowering period is from June to September. It is found in plains, foothills as well.

Purple Prairie Clover: This plant thrives in sandy or well drained soil in full sun. Flower is Lavender Purple color. Flowers are concentrated on slender cones at the ends of wiry stems. The blooms start from the base of the cone and slowly ascend to the tip. The blooming period is from early to mid-summer, and lasts about 1 to 1˝ months. The purple prairie clover flower attracts many kinds of insects like bees, wasps, flies, butterflies, skippers, beetles and plant bugs.

Wax Currant: Wax Currant, otherwise known as aka squaw currant is a perennial shrub. The numerous tiny flowers are greenish, white or pink with minute rounded petals. The flowers usually occurs in bunch of 3-7, the entire cluster usually both finely short-hair and sticky with short-stalked glands. The flowering period is from April to June.

Rocky Mountain Bee Plant: It is also known as stinkweed and spider flower for its ill-scented smell. Rocky mountain bee plant belongs to Cleome Family. Pink or white flowers bloom from May to September. The flower produces rich nectar and attracts bees. The plant grows in sandy soils, prairies and prairie remnants along roads, waste areas, meadows and rangelands..

Ground Cherry: The ground cherry is an herbaceous plant also known as physalis. The blooming period occurs from early summer to late summer. The flowers are greenish yellow sometimes brownish yellow cream and tan colored, having funneled shaped, floppy separately where three stems or leaves meet. Flower pedicels measure about 1.5 cm long and extend to 2.5 cm after fruit formation. The flowers have 5 Regular Parts and are up to 2cm wide. The Ground cherry flower produces nectar and pollen which attracts bees.

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Hugging trees. These two trees were growing very close together. The branches of one tree have grown around the trunk of the other resulting in the appearance that the trees are hugging each other. It is located in the Grant Village area on the lake side of the trail that goes from the Grant Village Dining Room to the Lake House Restaurant.

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